50 Thoughts and Affirmations to Motivate and Inspire

What is an affirmation? Affirmations sound pretty “woo-woo” and out there, associated with all the new-age become-a-new-you movement. I put thoughts in the title because thoughts are a nice way to think about affirmations. An affirmation is a thought you want to believe in your core, something that inspires you and affirms traits and characteristics you want to grow and nourish. Sometimes affirmations are just a list of things that make you feel good about yourself.

How does one use an affirmation? Well, I like to pop these babies into my phone or on my phone background. I like to write it at the top of my planner or whatever I’m working on. When my mind drifts or anxiety starts to build, I try to take it back to my affirmation.

Affirmations don’t have to be anything fancy. If you listen to Tony Robbins, his affirmations are POWERFUL, but they are also long and wordy. I prefer things I can remember easily, just a simple phrase (maybe not even proper grammar), like a motto not a mission statement.

Here are 50 Affirmations I have used and will continue to use for a boost. Feel free to download the pics and use them as phone backgrounds:

1. You are smart

2. You are hardworking

3. You are kind

4. You are loved

5. You are taken care of

6. Today is a new day or this moment is a new moment

7. Everybody is only human

8. As long as you tried your best

9. You have everything you need

You have everything you need



10. You can do anything

11. Breathe

12. Life is only this moment

13. You are strong

14. It can only get better

15. Today is the youngest you’ll ever be again

16. You are royalty/you are the best/you are the greatest


I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was. -Muhammad Ali


17. I am healthy

18. My body is healthy, my mind is at peace

19. My abilities are limitless

20. Ask and you shall receive

21. Let it all go

22. I can communicate clearly and with ease

23. I am confident. I am energetic. I am a conqueror.

24. I trust myself and my inner voice.

25. I am proud of myself and how far I’ve come

26. I get stronger, wiser and better every day.

27. I send peace, I receive peace.

28. I can eat whatever I want.

29. Today will be a great day



30. I have enough money.

31. I am enough.

32. I am great with money.

33. I belong to a community and I am loved.

34. I have something meaningful to contribute to the world

35. Discipline is the key to success

36. Day in Day out.

37. You are the only one who can push yourself

38. No one controls how you feel but you

39. Live Life Intentionally

Live life.png

40. Your goals aren’t your identity

41. Your failures aren’t your identity

42. If not today then when

43. Yesterday you said today

44. Don’t stress just do your best

don't stress.png


45. You are the star of your movie

46. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

47. Whatever you do, do it 110%

48. Act like you are and you will be

49. Haters mean you’re doing it right

50. You’ve survived 100% of bad days so far


Inspired by an article from my buddies at Millionaire Digest 😍

 50 thoughts @ Millionaire Digest

I also have these beauties bookmarked for extra inspiration:

 40 Quotes @ Marc and Angel

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What kind of affirmations do you recite to yourself? What words and phrases keep you motivated and keep you going? What do you think of my affirmations?


How to Make a Fool-Proof Plan

How to make a fool-proof plan:

Any plan.

You could be planning a trip to somewhere exotic or planning the rest of your life.

There are a few key steps anyone will need to follow to make a fool-proof beautiful plan.

  1. Begin with the end in mind

if you begin with the end in mind, it’s so much easier to visualize the disparities between where you are now and where you want to be. Hopefully just by getting clear on your vision (see how to set a SMART goal and get specific: here ) you’ll be able to see the next few steps or even the last few steps.

2. Anticipate your obstacles.

Chances are you are making a plan because you’re doing something complex, complicated, time-hogging or all-encompassing, maybe all of the above. You are bound to be fraught with obstacles and it’s important to not only anticipate but to have a plan of action should you be faced with one. It’s kind of like Your Plan’s Emergency Plan. It does you no good to make an emergency plan in the middle of a fire–it’s something you need to have already established so you don’t even miss a beat and you conquer that fire because you already knew what to do if it happened.

3. Break it down to me.

Imagine if you will for a minute that you are bed-ridden and cannot get up. Imagine being physically held back in every way, except having the ability to explain to someone else what you need done.

This person isn’t the smartest. This person isn’t the hardest working. Nothing against this person–they are a little lazy and sometimes make things more complicated than need be.

So everything you need from this person, you must break it down into tiny very manageable steps. If you need dinner cooked, you start by telling him to “boil a pot of water”, not by telling him to “make an entree”.

Okay, fantasy chef-time over. This simple-not-so-hard-working-person is you. And me. And anyone who hasn’t achieved their every dream and wish (I hope you don’t take offense.)

We know what we must do but it still doesn’t get done.

Just imagine for a second some incompetent valet is coming to do your chores, make list for him, and then complete the list yourself.

4. Delegate

Depending on how complex and complicated your plan you are concocting is, you may need some help to get it done in a reasonable time.

This is where you delegate.

Giving up part of your project almost feels like failure, abandonment, and maybe even needy. But the truth is, it’s only strengthening your project.

If this is your mindset, I encourage you to look at it this way: Someone believes enough in whatever you are doing to help you complete your tasks.

Now a few notes on delegation:

  • ALWAYS have them repeat the task back to you. Nothing worse than doing work twice.
  • ASK them if it’s manageable. Do even they need help completing this?
  • Is this the right person for the job? Maybe you picked them out of convenience, not expertise. Beware of this, again, it may cause MORE work.
  • RETURN the favor. Remember their generosity when they need some help!

5. Anticipate more obstacles

About halfway through whatever plan you’ve made, you need to reassess. Times change, visions change and progress also changes things.

You need to always be checking over your plan and making sure it’s relevant–otherwise you will abandon it and not use it.

Also as you go along, you’ll find even more obstacles come up than you could have imagined when beginning. You’ve learned more, you’ve tried things and failed and succeeded. You are a different person than when you first scribbled your plan out on the back of a napkin.

Take time to anticipate obstacles again. They may be new, different, and bigger obstacles. As you come closer to achieving your goal, launching your product or becoming the best, you’ll realize the obstacles are harder. The jumps are higher.

If you think about it this way, the hardest obstacles are the ones that make or break winners.

Like the graph below, imagine the highest performers are on the right-most side of the graph.

Obstacle difficulty is measured by the vertical scale (the scale on the left side).

You can see the highest performers (the right-most bars), have the hardest obstacles to face.

getty images

Getty Images

Imagine you are a high performer on the right side of the graph: you have the most to overcome.

Remind yourself of this if things get too tough.

6. Reward yourself

Don’t be any fool that just drudges through work listlessly with no passion. If you don’t find innate enjoyment in your tasks, make sure there is something in it for you to accomplish your plan.

Don’t stop with yourself either. Reward your delegators, your helpers, your brainstormers and your muses and inspiration. The more you give, the more you get.



Lastly a fool proof plan requires no fools.

However, to err is to human.

So the last step of a fool-proof plan is for me to ask you to go easy on yourself should you turn out to be the fool. Go easy on your delegators and worker bees who don’t meet deadlines or don’t satisfy your requirements. Communicate, direct, forgive and move on.


Good luck with your plans! Let me know below what you think of my guide to fool-proof planning.


Is Your Grass Greener

Organize Your Home Day 2k18

What a perfect time of year to organize your home!

I’m inside, cozy and cuddled up in all my favorite fleece clothing items. I’m sipping caramel coffee. My kitties are curled up and looking so sweet.

But before too long I’ll get restless and what a great outlet for energy!

So how will I even begin to Organize My Home?


  • closet, especially spring and summer items that will come back out soon
  • lotion and soaps (who else has a million of these lying around?)
  • craft supplies
  • kitty toys
  • dishes
  • things being saved “just in case”


  • Is it easy to find?
  • Is it with related things?
  • Bundle, bag and box!


  • Dust
  • Vacuum
  • Sweep and mop

How are you participating today?

Let me know below!

What I want to be when I grow up

Like many my age, I still consider myself unequivocally NOT grown up. I took a gap year off of school after I finished getting my undergraduate degree in Economics. I thought I wanted to be a doctor…but I was mistaken.

The gap year experience opened my eyes to so much more. I was lucky enough to get hired on for an additional year where I did my gap year internship.

So this year I made good use of my time.

I explored difference careers and dream jobs. What I wanted to be when I grew up changed almost weekly. Some of these are closely related because I was exploring a particular interest of mine, refining my career ideas and expectations.

Here’s a list of careers I explored and maybe give you some inspiration on your career search:

1. Vet

2. Medical Doctor

3. Medical Doctor for Clinical Trials

4. Oncologist Lawyer

5. Lab Manager

6. Immunologist Ph.D.

7. Get an MBA and start own business

8. Novelist

9. Biology Consultant

10. High School Teacher

11. Zookeeper

12. Large Animal Vet

13. Professor

14. Accountant (CPA)

15. Sell Side Analyst

16. Physician’s Assistant

17. Political Lobbyist

18. Environmental Scientist

19. NASA scientist

20. Biostatistician

21. Statistician

22. Wine critic

23. Intellectual Property Lawyer

24. Economist

25. MD, PhD

26. Clinical psychologist

27. Child development psychologist

28. Ph.D.

29. Lawyer

30. Zoologist

31. Bioinformatics

32. Epidemiologist

33. Pathologist

34. Heath policy advocate

35. Chemical engineer

36. Computer and informatics research scientist

37. Aerospace engineer

38. Marine scientist

39. Nuclear medicine tech

40. Geologist

41. Wildlife biologist

42. Wildlife conservationist

43. Working in government* still a possibility

44. Professor

So how do you decide? I wrote a whole post on how I decided I wanted to apply to law school. Check it out here: Why I want to go to Law School

What kind of criteria did I look for?

I would be lying if I said I didn’t look at salary, because I at least need to break even with the cost of my education.

However, I was mostly focused on

  • what a day in the life looks like
  • what job growth is expected by my graduation date
  • feasibility of doing this or similar work the rest of my working life
  • personal interest in subjects of expertise for this job
  • people I would work with regularly
  • education level requirements and other regulatory body requirements*

The last thing I wanted to say about me choosing a career was that it is super important to me personally that whatever job I’ll have will be supervised and regulated by a single body. Doctors take the boards, lawyers take the Bar. Nurses take the NCLEX. All of these professions have licensure and an implied standard guarantee of service. This in turn helps with public opinion of these professions because they are so strictly regulated.

I like the regulatory aspect and maybe even wish to participate in some way in the regulations of whatever career I decide. This is just one of many things about a job important to me.

What criteria do you look for in a job? How many careers did you explore before you “decided”? Does your career path look like a straight line or very crazy like mine?

Let me know in the comments below!

Is Your Grass Greener

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My Heroes of 2017

I feel the title is self explanatory, so I’ll just start, okay?


  1. Colin Kaepernick

getty images colin

Getty Images

Sees an injustice. Is in a position of great influence and in view of the public. Peacefully protests. There is no need to say more.


.  .  .


Actually there is. I’d like to preface a little rant with “It’s not even political” or “Sorry if it offends” but in this crazy world we live, it’s all political all the time. I feel lots of people come to his defense saying “well there are worse things he could have done to protest” but that is a fallacious argument. “There are worse things he could have done” is not a valid argument.


What is a valid argument is that Colin Kaepernick was standing up for people of color.

He was a public figure, a role model to many, and felt a duty to stand up for basic human rights. I cannot speak for others, but my take-home message was Equality for All.

We cannot tolerate any sort of racism whether it be systematic, in the form of comments by family members, or in our schools and workplaces.

Colin, you are my hero.


2.  Ruth Whitefeather Feldman

Smallz and Raskind:Netflixruth

Smallz and Raskind/Netflix

I jest (sort of). Similar to Colin, Kathy Bates’ character in Netflix’s Disjointed is an activist.

From her first ‘healp’ to her pessimistic “We are Doomed” musical number, she had my heart.

Medicinal marijuana has helped many, even in Bible Belt Alabama. Medicinal usage for treatment of seizures in clinical studies via “Carly’s Law” passed in 2014.


I also really admired Carter, a veteran with PTSD employed as a security guard in her (legal) dispensary. The whole story line was inspiring and heartbreaking all at once…therefore. . .


3. Our men and women who serve this country.

peace america

Thank you for your service, your sacrifice and your time. I may not agree with war but I agree with protection for the innocent, the weak, the vulnerable, especially children, and

I thank you for your roles in securing and bettering the lives around you wherever you are serving.


I hope your holidays have been great, but I hope 2018 is even better.

Who were your heroes this year? Who do you look up to? What makes a hero? Let me know below.